The Culture Monk Tour Dates

On January 1st, 2014 I made the decision to visit more than 100 coffee shops and café’s in as many U.S. States & foreign countries this year…….my goal is to connect with coffee house owners, my readers, fellow bloggers, and everyone else in-between…….

January 12-22nd ——-Costa Rica – Central America

March 1st ——–Atlanta, Georgia

  • 9:30 AM @ Intermezzo –MIDTOWN Location
  • 2 PM @ Atlanta Coffee Roasters

March 15th —-Chicago, Illinois

  • 9:30 AM @ The Gallery Café
  • 2 PM   @ Filter Café

March 29th —————-Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

  • 9:30 AM – Noon @ Commonplace Coffee – 5827 Forbes Avenue – Squirrel Hill


April 5th —————— Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

  • 9:30 AM @ Burlap and Bean
  • 2 PM @ La Columbe — Rittenhouse Square 130 South 19th Street

April 12th ——————————– Madison, WI

April 19th ——————————– St. Louis, MO

  • 2 PM @ Kaldi’s

April 26th ——————————– Minneapolis, MN

May 3rd ——————————— Washington, DC

  • Postponed due to Health

May 10th ——————————– Boston, MA

  • Morning COffee Canceled —–My flight was canceled and rerouted —I WILL be at Simons COffee at 3!!! Meet me there :0)
  • 3:00 PM @ Simon’s Coffee House, Cambridge

May 17th ——————————-Cincinnati, OH

June 7th & 8th ———————- Denver, CO

June 21st —————————— Nashville, TN

TBD————————————— Seattle, WA

TBD————————————— Portland, OR

TBD————————————— New Orleans, LA

TBD————————————— New York, New York

TBD————————————— New Jersey

TBD————————————— London, UK

TBD ————————————– Dublin, Ireland

TBD ————————————- Toronto, Canada

TBD ————————————- San Francisco, CA

TBD ————————————- Edinburgh, Scotland

TBD ————————————– Austin, TX

Still working on airline flights so more specific dates and locations to come!!!!!

I will keep this page updated regularly;

For more info on my tour click this <link>


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